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Karmen Roivassepp Quartet perforimg Kiik Tahab Kindaid! 

From our session at Finland studios

A little snip from my solo performance at Alice in Copenhagen part 2

A little snip from my solo performance at Alice in Copenhagen

Simon Eskildsen Trio

Live from Atlas, Aarhus february 2020.


A little fun drum-feature from a OrgelDuo concert during the Jazz Festival in Aarhus.

Get down

Karmen Rõivassepp Quartet

Here is the tune Hey Tiger with the awesome Karmen Rõivassepp Quartet

Live from Atlas in Aarhus!

(pssst. long drum intro)


Im happy to be part of the trio B-Bike-Sun-Tree.

Here we are performing the tune Rupo Nui.

And yes, we are playing in the Natural History Museum in the beautiful city of Svenborg in Denmark. 

Stuffed animals and jazz!

Kathrine Windfeldt/Jesper Løvdal Quartet

The quartet of the two Danish superstars

Kathrine Windfeldt and Jesper Løvdal.

This is Jespers composition Roots.

Recorded in the Mill Factory, Copenhagen


Here you can se a little video and listen to a sweet potpourri of tunes from our album! 

Oh Yes! Vacation time

Simon Eskildsen Trio

This beautiful animation is made for Simons tune Sterling no. 1

Totally awardwinning trio. 


This tune is from the 2nd record with my orchestra Ornithopter!


Its called Chinatown.


I love it  

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