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The Nordic Trilogy

My artistic work explores intercultural communication, composition, and improvisation through three Nordic based albums. I am a drummer and composer, but also an artistic developer and leader. The trilogy is a cohesive whole, a collective work that reflects and enhances each part.


The work brings together a number of extraordinary internationally renowned Nordic musicians within a coherent framework with the aim of giving the listener an new understanding of Nordic improvisation and composition.

All published by the Copenhagen based recordlabel April Records


This trilogy represents not only an important contribution to the improvisation scene but also a significant artistic exploration of the Nordic music tradition. My music aspires to unite people across generations, borders, and genres. I see this music as a path to cohesion and empathy in a divided world.

Til hjemmeside.jpeg

Arild Andersen / Daniel Sommer / Rob Luft
"As Time Passes"

A leading Norwegian bassist for over 30 years, ECM legend Arild Andersen forges promising relationships with two rising stars - Daniel Sommer (drums) and Rob Luft (guitar) in an expansive, playful exploration of song and collective improvisation. ‘As Time Passes’ is released on April 26th  2024 on April Records.

Arild Andersen (NO): Bass & Comp

Rob Luft (UK): Guitar & Comp

Daniel Sommer: Drums & Comp

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ "[I have] rarely used the word beautiful without thinking twice. But now it comes to mind. As the only word that truly fits my experience of 'As time passes.'
Kim Skotte - Politiken


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Something of a landmark release, and has to rank as one of the finest trio recordings heard anywhere this year" 
Mike Gates,  ukvibe

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ As Time Passes is experienced as a small masterpiece from a trio that has just begun to collaborate. What might it become?
Ole Bisbjerg - All That

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I highly recommend this album and its beauty, created by combining experience and fresh new perspectives!"

SKJAZZ - Patrick Španko!


Check it out on bandcamp:

Daniel Sommer / Arve Henriksen / Johannes Lundberg
"Sounds & Sequences"

The main focus of the work is to challenge ourselves by being vulnerable and intuitive in the music. We explore the boundaries between electronic and acoustic music while integrating free improvisation in a compositional manner. Drawing inspiration from both chamber music, rubato jazz, and electronic music, the aim of this constellation is to build on the tradition of improvisational aesthetics in our own way.

Arve Henriksen (NO): Trompet & Electronics

Johannes Lundberg (SWE): Bass & Electronics

Daniel Sommer: Drums

Release date:

Oktober 25th 2024

Artturi Rönkä / Daniel Sommer / Thommy Andersson
"Lost Threads"

The music is created during various composition residencies, where Rönka and Sommer meet and compose together. We draw inspiration from the Nordic tradition for our harmonies and melodies, while simultaneously avoiding conservatism or becoming locked into a fixed style. The music develops our own Nordic sound, which also reflects the globalized world we live in.

Artturi Rönkä (FI): Piano & Comp

Thommy Andersson (SWE): Bass

Daniel Sommer: Drums & Comp

Release date:

Spring 2025

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